• Year of Birth:  '91

  • Massurements: 167cm, 55kg, 34B

  • Haircolour/ length: Brown, long, wavy

  • Eyes: Blue

  • Body: sportily defined, with feminine curves

  • Occupation: Consulting

  • Escortstatus: Professional Part Time Escort

  • Bodymodifications:  No

  • Style: Classy, elegant, feminin

  • Attitude: Femme Fatale

  • Languages: German, English, Spanish, Dutch

  • Local knowledge:  Berlin, Düsseldorf, Ibiza

One Night with Tessa

And then you meet Tessa at the  bar. On the way to the bar, your first thought is: Is that her? No, that can't be ...

She doesn't look like an escort, and yet she is incredibly pretty from a distance.


If you look up close, you will immediately notice that Tessa attaches great importance to her style and wardrobe.


You sit down with Tessa and ask what she would like to drink. In your mind you order the obligatory bottle of champagne, but Tessa has another wishes. A coquettish blink at the waiter and a few seconds later a vodka and soda stands in front of Tessa. Of course with lemon!


How do I break the ice now? What to talk about first


Completely unnecessary thoughts, because Tessa picks up the conversation quickly and really wants to know how the evening will go. She asks you about your wishes, your plans for the evening and in the next breath you are already engrossed in a good conversation with a smart, beautiful lady.


If it is easy for you to follow the conversation at first, but your focus will become more and more precise, word for word.


Your eyes stick to Tessa's beautiful lips.


Lips that actually always and always form a smile ...


Lips that are apparently as soft as cashmere ...


If you should manage to take your eyes off Tessa's lips, you will quickly notice how Tessa is able to smile with her beautiful eyes too.


An aura and a warmth that you rarely find.


Tessa immediately suggests stowing her suitcase in the room and freshening up for dinner.


Your head cinema begins ...


A few seconds later you can convince yourself of your only thought so far ...


Her lips are cashmere!!!


You enter the restaurant hand in hand and let yourself be accompanied to the table as a couple.

And the night begins....

Tessas's Fee



Quick and easy-going "get to know each other"

-up to 2 hours-

Dinner & Date


You spend a nice evening with the lady - with a dinner / bar visit followed by a great tête-à-tête and say goodbye at a decent time

-up to 4 hours-

Date Night


A dinner, one or the other "playtime", one or the other drink. The next day you are both tired but wake up separately from each other.

-up to 6 hours-



Spend your night in the arms of a beautiful young lady with no rush and some great fun in the morning:-)

-up to 16 hours-

Day & Night


One ultimate day full of pleasure and fun!

-up to 24 hours-



-up to 48 hours-

Travel arrangements are always upon request and very flexibel, according to your wishes, destination, travel plans, day activities and so on and also the ladies flexibility:-)